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The Knackered Mothers’ Wine Club Guide to Wine

So, I’m going to write a book, titled as above. It will be about wine but to be able to call it the KMWC Guide to Wine I need to know what you want to know. I’ve got ideas (grapes, countries, labels, food) but if you’ve got something you’d like to see in a wine guide please let me know, either here or at

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I’ve been watching Nigellaah cook on telly this evening. I love her. And, I. Want. Her. Kitchen. I have kitchen envy! How did it come to this?

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The C Word

I’ve been to a Christmas Fair tonight in the local Stately. I drank warm white wine and discussed cushions. I bought socks and a magnetic dartboard as presents. 

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Growing (Old) Pains (Me)

I went out on Monday night. It doesn’t happen often so I made the most. I wore an adored emerald green dress (Ghost), nail varnish (Rouge Noir), matching underwear (old vintage Myla) and really high heels. 

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Moving Feast

India Allsopp (or was it Kirstie Knight?) recently wrote about putting one’s relationship with husband/partner first, followed by that with the children: the couple are the cornerstone and unless that relationship comes first, the edifice will crumble.

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We're jammin'

You know the score. Please make jam/cakes/whatevah for (insert name here)’s nursery produce sale. Reader, I’ve never made jam. I broke out into a cold sweat.

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It's the wine talking..

There has been a lot of talk about wine talk recently. Among wine writers, that is. From what I can gather, they are arguing that one wine drinker’s blackberries are another wine drinker’s raspberries.

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