Find Wine!

Gold Rush


Last Saturday night, I donned a gold lamé catsuit for a wine tasting. Of course I did, because it was Camp Bestival and I was doing the Secret Mummies Wine Club with the Scummy Mummies and DJ Sara Cox.

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Chardonnay, Go!


My let-them-get-bored strategy has come back to bite me. “Mum, please can we do some painting?” are seven words you don’t want to hear at 6.35pm after a long day.

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Play Time


Well, here we are. Six weeks of summer holidays. Six. Whole. Weeks. I mean, there’s lots to love. No school runs, no last minute hunts for clean school uniform and no reading book guilt.

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Bottoms Up


I’ve got exciting news. But I can’t share it until next week so, given that I’m terrible at keeping secrets, I’m going to have to change the subject until then.

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Comedy Camp


I have Camp Bestival news: I’m doing a wine tasting on the Saturday night with the wee-inducinginly funny, gold catsuit-rocking comedy duo The Scummy Mummies.

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