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Chardonnay, Go!


My let-them-get-bored strategy has come back to bite me. “Mum, please can we do some painting?” are seven words you don’t want to hear at 6.35pm after a long day.

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Play Time


Well, here we are. Six weeks of summer holidays. Six. Whole. Weeks. I mean, there’s lots to love. No school runs, no last minute hunts for clean school uniform and no reading book guilt.

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Bottoms Up


I’ve got exciting news. But I can’t share it until next week so, given that I’m terrible at keeping secrets, I’m going to have to change the subject until then.

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Comedy Camp


I have Camp Bestival news: I’m doing a wine tasting on the Saturday night with the wee-inducinginly funny, gold catsuit-rocking comedy duo The Scummy Mummies.

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Half term is upon us and so, naturally, my thoughts turn to wine. It’s times like these we need volume. Portable volume.

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Search Party


Lots of you have been kind enough to tell me that you find the new wine search function on the website useful (‘THIS WILL CHANGE MY LIFE’, said one, brilliantly).

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