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Celebrity Mastermind

I know, I can’t believe it either. But yes, I did Celebrity Mastermind and it airs on BBC1 this Saturday. My specialist subject is Jackie Collins (natch) and no spoilers but remember it’s all about the taking part!

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Off Piste

Happy New Year to you! A bit late but I had a busy start to the year hanging out (literally) in my swimwear doing a wine tasting in a hot tub halfway up a Swiss mountain ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

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Drinks Party

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve done drinks with Luke Evans, WineTime with Kat (and a church full of brilliant women!) and sung carols with Cliff Richard.

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Christmas Drinks

I get loads of messages every week asking for wine recommendations for various things – a birthday present, a special dinner, something for the fridge door –

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Fifty Fifty

I’m back! And I’m 50! We celebrated with a (very) long lunch in the garden just a few weeks ago and honestly, my fifties feel like I’ve arrived at a party I’ve been wanting to go to for ages.

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Pack a Punch

Looks like we’re in for another hot spell which means one thing. Well, apart from having to shave my legs (that’s about as beach body ready as I’ll get).

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Jolly Super

Last Saturday saw the start of English Wine Week and to celebrate we shared a selection of some of my current favourites on Saturday Kitchen.

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