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Fifty Fifty

I’m back! And I’m 50! We celebrated with a (very) long lunch in the garden just a few weeks ago and honestly, my fifties feel like I’ve arrived at a party I’ve been wanting to go to for ages.

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Pack a Punch

Looks like we’re in for another hot spell which means one thing. Well, apart from having to shave my legs (that’s about as beach body ready as I’ll get).

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Jolly Super

Last Saturday saw the start of English Wine Week and to celebrate we shared a selection of some of my current favourites on Saturday Kitchen.

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Real Life

It’s the Easter Holidays! Or as I like to call it, that time when I spend the mornings trying to get my teenagers out of bed, the afternoon driving them around and any time in between checking they haven’t discovered this year’s hiding place for the Easter eggs.

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Homemade Festive Drinks!

Well, what a week. On Friday I popped up on This Morning to talk & taste homemade festive drinks and halfway through Gary Barlow walked onto the set and ended up tasting my Christmas Pudding Rum (click here to see what he made of it).

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