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Here are the books I’ve written to date including a wine one, a cocktail one, a booze-free one (quite short, that one) and my three fiction books.

Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide

My original wine guide, first published in 2013 and since updated. This has everything you really to know about wine in it (which is why it’s my only wine book).

Available from Amazon

This Is Us

My most recent fiction book, published in Sept ’22. It’s a story of love, friendship and motherhood. There’s also a book club and quite a bit of wine involved, obviously.

Available from Amazon

In Just One Day

This is my second fiction book and as the cover suggests, part of the story takes place in Venice. Set in a wine shop, it’s about how life can change just like that.








Available from Amazon

This Changes Everything

This is my first fiction book, published in 2021. It’s a love story, really, set in Rome and Cornwall. And yes, there are Negronis.

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Homemade Cocktails

My cocktail book! And it’s all about making simple cocktails with ingredients that you might actually have in the cupboard at home. Measures are generous, natch.








Available from Amazon

A Wine Expert’s Guide to the Best Booze-Free Drinks

I know, I didn’t think I’d write a book about this either but then it’s not easy going dry and it not being a bit, well, boring. I hope this helps.

Available from Amazon

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