Glenfairn Speyside Single Malt Whisky

This is one of a range of affordable (i.e. cheaper than the big brands) new Single Malt Scotch Whiskies made exclusively for Tesco, each coming from a different region to show off benchmark characteristics. And my favourite in the line up was this one, from Speyside, with its distinctive toffee apple character. Relatively light in style, it’s a great/gentle introduction to joy of a dram or great in a cocktail (swap it for gin in a Negroni and make a Burns Boulevardier instead).

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  1. Neill Fletcher

    A fine Scotch indeed, I agree. Loads of top quality Speyside character notes, well worth a 2-day decant beforehand (for my personal preference). Toffee and caramel afterthoughts, keen earthy warmth and a very good crisp and vivid amber colour. Absolutely no disappointment here whatsoever.

  2. Chris Scholes

    Bought a bottle and am not disappointed, at the price how can anyone complain, nice and smooth on the palate and well worth the money £ 17-50 at tesco on offer, come on now ! p.s. i am no expert and one’s man’s meat is anothers poison, but over the years i have tried all kinds, some good some not so good but this is really good in my opinion.

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