Il Sarmento Nero di Troia

This isn’t the exact label (this one’s for the Nero d’Avola, a different grape variety) but the labels looks very similar. So, now you know what you’re looking for, here’s what to expect from the little-known Nero di Troia grape. A mouthful of squashed black fruits, a bit of spice and plenty of change from a tenner. Love it.

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  1. Philip Boston

    Though the bottle I have from Coop says Nero di Troia on the label, the website says the grape is Nero d’avola and was grown in Sicily. I’m confused
    though delighted with the wine whatever it is. Just a touch lighter than the negroamaro I usually drink.

  2. “Troia” in Italian means “whore” – but,surpisingly, this isn’t a rip -off , v nice /honest red/bargain ! x

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