Pierre Jaurant Bordeaux

I’m sorry, I can’t find a picture of the current label but no matter because the wine inside is so good! Snapped up by the buyer (nice one, Josh), this parcel is mostly Merlot with some Cabernet Sauvignon in there too. Smooth and juicy and so damn (enjoyably) drinkable.

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  1. David Cunningham

    Helen hi, picked up a bottle of this Bordeaux today from ALDIs in Elgin, after seeing your recommendation on Sat Kitchen a couple of weeks ago.
    Very very nice, bought a Bordeaux, Calvet Prestige from Coop here in Aberlour the other day, £7.50 I think, nowhere near as nice as the Pierre Jaurant. It’s very smooth and goes down far too easily.
    Off to Elgin tomorrow to bag half a doz bottles.
    Many thanks, always enjoy your recommendations on the Matt Tebbit show😁😁

  2. We couldnt get this in our local Aldi in Newton Mearns but have been able to buy at Aldi in St Andrews when up at our caravan. It is delicious!

  3. Kirstie Wilson

    Managed to pick up a few bottles, and wowed my book club with this wine. This might have been a mistake, as expectations will be high for the next time I host!
    Btw, I’m an ex supermarket wine buyer too (late 1990’s).

    • Oh I love this! So pleased…I’ll try to keep them coming! And hello fellow ex-wine buyer! Which supermarket? x

  4. I cant find this stuff in East Susex 😩

  5. Now available for the princely sum of £2.99 a bottle at Aldi in Barrow-in-Furness, Hic!

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