Tesco Finest Saint Mont

Fun fact: we pay more than £2 in tax on every bottle of wine. Which is why bottles of wine under a fiver are seriously few and far between. Here’s a cracker though, a brilliant quince-like white from Saint Mont, a region in Southwest France just below Bordeaux. Made from a cocktail of local grapes including Gros Manseng, Petit Courbu, Arrufiac and Petit Manseng, it’s normally £6 so definitely worth stocking up if you find some.

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  1. Weirdly the (Tesco Finest) St Mont reviewed here actually has all the characteristics of a crisp, fruity white wine. Not only does it taste so much like a white wine of that region, it actually looks white…
    Oh, ooops it is white.
    Great wine though and can’t fault the rest of the review.

  2. James Foxall

    It’s a top class wine if you can find it – looks as though Tesco are running this wine out. Really crisp and dry – buy it.

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