Thought it might be useful to suggest two wines a week:

1) the white in the fridge

2) the red on the side

If I find a good rose or sparkling, I’ll include these too.

I’ll make sure they are widely available and promise that they will be good value.

I promise not to share my children’s poo stories and will avoid all other cliches where possible. I am not Alpha, Beta or even Gamma Mama. I love my children and I love good wine. Simple as that.

Recommendations to follow…

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  • 14 years ago

    Bravo! And bravo again knackered mother. 3 children, a job and a blog to boot, my. I never had children but have been head gardener at Chatterley Castle, Sussex for nigh on 60 years, and that's pretty hard work I can tell you. And I adore wine. I shall follow with interest.

    Like yourself, I've just begun a blog too. Might you visit? It would be awfully kind if you did.

    Best of luck!



  • 14 years ago

    And witty at 05:31 to boot….Anxiously awaiting a lightly fruity, but oh so lively little number on the Sparkly, even Rose fronts.(And to think this knackered mother once might have fancied that she fitted that profile herself). Bring it on, Madam. Your cup doth overflow… That it may over-spill into my ignorant vessel. Heartily impressed, helplessly grateful. Yours, a true follower, Hyacinth.

  • 14 years ago

    You are fantastic. And definitely still Sparkly. More dribbles to follow x ps – the post times are out of sync, I'm not that good.

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