I posted a couple of days ago, a brief note about my brother Tim who died eight years before to that day. It was a few sentences on how still-bearded husband and I would mark the date by having fish and chips that night, together with a bottle of Champagne (it really is a brilliant, if not obvious, match) and that was about it. I hit ‘publish’, gave the baby her bottle and spent the next twenty minutes frying about the post. Too exposing, too morbid, too cheap, too much. The baby finished her bottle and I went back to the laptop and hit ‘delete’. I then felt worse.

This late post is to make it better. Tim was a life-force. He was 26 years old. I love him still.


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  1. Not morbid at all. Its important to remember loved ones and fish & chips with Champagne is a delicious way to do it x

  2. Fish, chips and champagne is just right. The thought of it just makes you smile. Exactly like Timmy. Would love to see you soon. Annie x

  3. Thanks TDWM x

    Annie – we'll make a plan x

  4. Is that in a glass or the noughties, pop and a straw version? Your thoughts on that trend?? Either way, I think we all raise a glass with you. Glad you re-posted. x

  5. Hyacinth, if I ever catch you with a bottle and a straw I am sending you straight to rehab x

  6. What a lovely post. And what a fantastic act of remembrance – I can't think of anything nicer! xx

  7. As a mother in regular need of wine, I shall come back here again for tips as I pretty much buy the same bottle every single time.

    Really sorry to read about your brother – 26 is way too young to go.

  8. Oooh good, we can work on that. Tell me what you usually buy and I'll come up with some alternatives. Thanks for kind words on bro, he was simply great x

  9. That is so tragic, sorry.

  10. Hello, just read this. So sad. So sorry.

  11. I don't think it's morbid at all – blogs are for every mood you have and let's face it some days are harder than others.
    I lost my brother at 30 and thought that was way, way, too young. The thing is you'll never forget your brother and sometimes having other people understand that you have this type of stuff to deal with helps. xx

  12. What a beautiful, sweet way of remembering!
    25 years later, I still feel the same about my little sister!
    un beso

  13. Life is precious, and so is family. Wear your heart proudly on your sleeve and care not what others may think. Nice blog (I found it via Katie Jones' FB page). I shall add you to my favourites list!

  14. I've just read this post, I know it was posted some time ago but I wanted to comment. Life is to be celebrated; champagne and a chippy sounds perfect to me, and feelings are to be expressed in whatever way you see fit right there at that moment in time, in whatever way that offers you a little bit of peace. x

    • Thank you so much, such a lovely thing to say. It's been ten years now since Tim died. Life does go on, but I do so wish my children had their uncle around. He was an absolute riot. I miss him x

  15. Ah – so sad, but it sounds like he would appreciate the chips and Champagne – which sounds like a perfect combo to me. Thank you for sharing, too. I think it's easy to tra la la about how OK everything is, but sometimes there is stuff that is too important to gloss over.

  16. This is just one of many reasons why we all love you…

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