I am off to Bordeaux for two days tomorrow, to visit a new producer we’re working with. I’ll also get to taste some en primeur (in other words, yet to be released) wines to boot. 2009 is being touted as the best vintage for, ooh, maybe twenty years so there is a definite buzz in the vinous air. Tonight, I have written out one of my who’s-doing-what rotas that causes my family much hilarity but means that I can leave the house feeling that I have done at least something to absolve responsibility for forty-eight hours. On Easter Sunday the two year old actually threw up in my face, the five year old curled up next to me like a puppy in bed and the baby nodded her head to indicate ‘yes’ for the first time. I’m going to miss them.

Wine reccs on my return, ready for the weekend x

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  1. The bit about your children is so funny, and utterly charming 🙂

  2. Well hello knackered Mother ! Just found your blog while tootling around online – EUREKA ! I was about to start a 'Stop Ageing Start Living Regime' to stop me looking so whacked out and old – Mother of three, known to enjoy the and tipple, ardent Francophile ( until recently, bloody expensive now ) and serious foodie. The regime promises baby soft skin, total eradication of signs premature ageing as long as I : give up coffee – doable, eat loads of fruit and vegetables, drink some sort of powdered fruit and chlorophyll concoction and renounce wine for a few weeks – unlikely, frankly. Then I stumbled across your blog. Uh oh. Father of three children – aka The Man from the Ministry REALLY does enjoy his wine and has quite a collection in the cellar / garage. Looking forward to your Bordeaux tips and to getting the hang of this blogging lark – all good fun. Enjoy your trip – lovely snapshot of your children.

  3. Belgravia wife, so pleased you found me! I am here to help. Bordeaux was a blast, 2009 is indeed a very good-looking vintage. The grapes were really ripe so expect robust wines with fairly hig alcohol levels. In fact, if you or the Man from the Ministry is tempted, this is a good year to buy en primeur (as long as you buy sensibly)! About to post some wine reccomendations, hoping you enjoy x

  4. Have fun in France, you lucky thing.

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