This is me, celebrating the Jubilee. The Silver one, that is, in 1977. Today, as I sat under a canopy with my own children, in the pouring rain, I wondered what their memories might be. Hopefully something to do with family, royalty, cake, laughter and love.

Back with wine next week, post-half term. Keep calm and carry on.

KM x

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  1. Dr Uncle Bunny

    Love the hat!
    Before Mrs Uncle Bunny left for Southern Climes on Jubilee Day One she said "Don't drink the Wine Society order." And then my brother (eldest, good looks, single) flew in. I can honestly (hand on heart) say that we did not drink the Wine Society order, but came jolly close!

  2. Great photo. The Queen came to Liverpool in 1977 and I saw her 5 times that day, in different parts of the city, with my mum…good memories 🙂

  3. I can only vaguely remember the Silver Jubilee, I know we got given some coin in a blue plastic box at school. There may have been a street party? Who knows? Clearly I was as non-plussed at royalty as I am today.

    I think I had a pair of shoes the same as yours though…

  4. Gorgeous pic! What is it about the silver jubilee and silly hats? That's my memory of 1977 too. We too got very wet at the weekend but hopefully the kids won't just remember the hypothermia – they also got hot chocolate and marshmallows, watched an urban maypole and danced like it was 1952!

  5. Cute hat. Is that a sombrero? Was that your individual interpretation of British head wear? 😉

  6. Not sure who I was channeling with that hat…!

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