Halfway through the second week of the International Wine Challenge and I’m properly knackered. But, I taste wine for a living so it’s all relative. Here’s a picture taken earlier today after about 100 wines, so please excuse my black-toothed smile. Oz Clarke is also at the IWC (he’s one of the chairmen), and as the voice & face of wine for a generation on BBC Two’s brilliant Food & Drink programme along with Jilly Goolden, is one of the reasons I fell in love with the stuff. Talking of stuff, today was World Malbec Day apparently. And I tasted some really gorgeous Malbec wines from Argentina, Chile and France earlier. All quite different but all with Malbec’s unmistakeable deep, dark colour and a bucketload of black fruit flavours. Sadly I had to spit them all out – professional, innit – but next week, once I feel like actually drinking a glass of wine again, I’ll find some good Malbec to share. 
Chin chin x
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  1. Hi Helen,
    Met Oz a couple of times, not that he would remember but he was very friendly,approachable and would talk with you for quite a while, seemed really genuine.

    Good luck with the tasting.

    Hope to see you again at one of the Tesco Community events, next one I'm going to is the press tasting on the 26th April (Hospital Club)

    Dave aka spikedc

  2. I used to love watching Oz and Jilly too!

  3. Lucky for me 'Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure' was shown over here on BBC America…I loved it.

  4. That was superb. Great.

  5. Ah lovely Oz. Actually looking at the possibility of going on a wine cruise he's hosting in October!

  6. I watched this film without wine… My inpression is different…

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