Apologies for radio silence last week. Half term. I’m still recovering. Case in point: yesterday, I met a friend for quick coffee in town and afterwards got into my car. I was in a bit of a hurry – doctor’s appointment – but the car wouldn’t start. My key wasn’t working. I wailed. Possibly swore, loudly. For a full minute, I panicked. Until suddenly I noticed the dashboard looked slightly different. As messy as mine, just a different kind of mess. ‘Um, this isn’t my car.’ My friend hit the deck, helpless with laughter. I was sitting in the wrong car. Like I said, still recovering.

Anyway, I have glad tidings! The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club Christmas Case is here! I’ve picked wines that I think suit the festive mood perfectly, including a properly smart party-ready Prosecco and a pink French fizz. Then there’s a fridge door banker of an Italian white and a classic white Burgundy, a brilliant Malbec and a super smooth Pinot Noir. Oh, and this time there’s a Canadian ice wine! Made from frozen grapes and luxuriously sweet, it’s an absolute dream. There are plenty more, 12 bottles in total. The case costs £71.88, so less than £5.99 a bottle and – here’s the best bit, wine aside – it would normally cost £133.88, a saving of £62! Limited stocks available so please, get in there first and then tell ALL your friends. Cheers!

Buy my case!

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  1. Fell over laughing at the WRONG CAR! Totally brilliant. Thx for making my morning!

  2. Had my case delivered, can’t wait to start tasting
    Xmas will be pain free!LaLa

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