The kids don’t break up until later but we’ve already broken out the Mini Eggs in this house. I bought them to put on top of my sister’s birthday cake (it’s tomorrow. She’s coming over from Belgium, where she lives, for the weekend. I’m SO excited). She’d better hurry because those eggs are like the Pringles of the chocolate world. But just as much as I love them, they’re not the only type of chocolate I’ll be eating over Easter. That would mean missing out on the dark, white, salted caramel and truffle ones. Not to mention the chocolate orange ones (definitely not just for Christmas).

Same goes for wine. So. Much. Choice. For example, someone asked me yesterday (via Instagram – follow me here for endless wine fun) what to drink if you like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc but fancy a change. Pick a similar (but different) grape like Picpoul from southern France, Falanghina from Italy or Verdejo from Rueda in Spain. Or stick with Sauvignon but from somewhere like Bordeaux or the Loire Valley. The possibilities really are endless. Unlike our supply of Mini Eggs.

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