First of all, happy new year! And just like that, it’s 2022. Now, as you know I don’t do Dry January for a number of reasons. 1) I like wine too much 2) I think an all or nothing approach is, well, unhealthy (although appreciate for some this isn’t an option) and 3) I like wine too much (think I already said that). Basically, everything in moderation, including moderation is my preferred option. Mostly, I can have a glass or two most evenings and that’s that (although every now and again I drink more and my dancing improves immeasurably). But when it comes to Dry January, I’ll pass. What I will do, with pleasure, is highlight all the lovely dry drinks I’ve been drinking recently (and will continue to drink every month, not just this jute-like January). Click on this week’s reviews for some booze-free inspiration and I’ll be back on the wine next time.

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  1. Yes Hels, I like wine too much to do dry jan too! 😀

  2. Margaret Lucas

    Hi Helen, I love wine too much too, but had a hip replacement on Jan7th, so because of all the meds can’t indulge. However I am really enjoying the odd glass of Tanqueray 0% gin, which you recommended on Saturday Kitchen. Thank you

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