The Weakest Link

You know I said doing Mastermind was the scariest thing I’ve ever done? I take it back. Turns out The Weakest Link is way more terrifying. So much so I forgot to listen to the first question. Still, it was such a fabulous experience and I loved meeting the other guests and of course brilliant host Romesh Ranganathan. Watch here to see what total brain freeze on national television looks like (also Charlotte Crosby is TV gold in this episode).

In other news, I’m thrilled to tell you my fourth fiction book is being published on 13th February. Called The Island of Dreams, it’s set on a beautiful Greek island for the most part and as ever there’s a fair bit of wine involved. In fact, if you pre-order a copy you could win a 1-2-1 online wine tasting with yours truly* (and I would be eternally grateful, obvs). Order here.

Finally, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know I’m not doing Dry January (little and often rather than all or nothing feels like a healthier approach IMHO) but I have got a particularly good non-alcoholic wine for you this week. I popped it on Saturday Kitchen at the weekend and even Jason Donovan agreed it’s better than most…

*Send proof of your pre-order to and see for T&Cs

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Current non-alcoholic sparkling in the fridge: Zeno Sparkling

Price: £11.99 - Buy From Waitrose

Wine has a long way to go until a non-alcoholic one can really replace the real thing. Removing alcohol also removes flavour and in my experience they often end up tasting more like grape juice than wine. However, alcohol-free sparkling wines tend to style it out a bit better than most and this relatively new brand, launched by two wine trade veterans and a Master of Wine, is made from 100% organic Macabeo grapes from central Spain. It uses latest technology to remove the alcohol gently (at low temperature) so it doesn’t strip out the fresh, crisp, lemony flavours. Nicely done.

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