I read something that made me laugh out loud on a heavenly family-of-five-in-a-small-confined-space car journey last weekend. Apparently someone once said that one of the foremost over-rated things in life is cheap Champagne. Along with lobster, picnics and anal sex.

Although, as a friend (the one for whom we made the long car journey) pointed out, do them all at the same time and perhaps you’re onto something. Hhmmm. Personally, I don’t think cheap Champagne is acceptable whatever the circumstances…

Anyhoo, here’s a brilliant Champagne I spotted earlier. It’s currently £30 down to £15 a bottle, and is made by one of the best producers in Avize:

Rene Florency NV, currently £15 until the 20th October, Tesco
I’ve drunk this at full price but it definitely tastes better at half price. Balanced, elegant and has that wonderful hint of biscuit.

Fill yer boots. Or picnic hampers.

Chin chin xx

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