Like a jumper in a washing machine…

It’s eldest son’s school Annual Ball for parents on Saturday night and I am looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measure. The pros include meeting up with good friends for stiff drinks before we go and, later, being able to dance to live music then disco whilst slightly under the influence. I love dancing; proper hands in the air like you just don’t care-type dancing. In my head I look HOT. In reality I probably look more like Iggle-Piggle. A friend was once described as looking like the title of this post when on the dance floor. She really didn’t care. My (trimmed) bearded-husband claims to hate dancing but does a great Mick Jagger routine if the mood takes him.

Oh, the cons? Squeezing into a dress that has mysteriously shrunk since I last wore it two babies ago. Let’s hear it for Spanx.

This week’s white in the fridge:
Tesco Finest Premier Cru Champagne NV, 2 for £25 until 9th May, normally £19.49/bottle, Tesco
This is all we have loaded up on this week, with a bottle chilling and ready to be opened once the results are in on Thursday night (I’m an optimist). This is a really special Champagne, and not just because it beat all the top twice-the-price names in a blind Which? Magazine tasting years ago. It is a Chardonnay & Pinot Noir-dominant blend with, critically, a little more bottle age given before it is shipped to these shores, allowing the wine to settle and broaden. The result is a rich, layered, biscuity style of Champagne but with real lightness of touch. The producer is based in the highly-regarded village of Avize. Even cheaper if you buy by the case.

Chin chin x

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  1. Iggle-Piggle and Premier Cru in one post – this is my kind of blog!
    Enjoy the school do and try not to embarrass yourself too much!

  2. Thanks for making me laugh on a Wednesday morning, I think you have just described me to a t 😉 Enjoy the dancing.

  3. Wow, you have a parents' ball? I've never heard of that before. I think that could be my idea of hell – I am so bad at the whole school/social combination and I know I would get very drunk and show myself up.

    I can totally empathise though with the dancing – when I dance I am SMOKING HOT. In my head.

  4. Trish – thanks! I'm waiting for someone to point out that mixing children and alcohol is not a good idea but I never let them drink the whole bottle..

    Catherine – so pleased to have made you laugh on a Wednesday morning! I'm glad I have a dance twin.

    SSM – I know, it sounds hideous but have been assured it's good fun, this is our first one. I'll report back. Reckon you and me could do a fab Beyonce 'Single Ladies' routine. In our heads.

  5. Have fun at the ball! We're not going to ours this year. Nothing to wear!

  6. I CANNOT believe that I haven't found you before….was sent over by Eclipse having put out a desperate plea for somebody to help me find some NZ SV blanc called Vavasaur in the UK. VV happy to find somebody with three children and an interest in wine. I used to work for EMI – best job in the world until I read what you did pre kids….

    Anyway, good to meet you. I will be back Lx

  7. Modern – you need a fairy godmother…x

    Hello L! Just back from your super blog (but v. sad post). Well, would you believe it, The Reach SB, sold in Tesco, is made by Vavasour. I visited the winery many years ago, spectacular place, lovely wines. They do have an agent in the UK, HBJ. They might be able to tell you where you can find their other wines. The Reach is great though, tried and tested!

  8. No matter how much I drink, I always resist the urge to dance…because I can't: I would look worse than a jumper in a washing machine!

  9. Vinogirl – don't believe you, there is no wrong way to dance. Unless you are David Brent.

  10. I was the lanky one who was never picked to go in the middle in ballet; I'm too bashful to dance – you get up and give it all you've got ! I did however put a dress on and high heels for dinner last night, I've acquired age-related vertigo. Uh oh.

    Enjoy xx

  11. Thank GOD for Spanx! Although they tend to cut you in half by the end of the day and getting out of them is like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube (if you look like me that is).

    Never EVER put them on or take them off in front of your husband.. you will never quite be the same in his eyes again as I have discovered..

    BM xx

    PS met a mum at nursery who had dinner with you at Graze last weekend.. don't know her name but she has short brown hair and wears really cool little glasses??? Small world eh? We MUST get together.. xx

  12. BW – yes but you can make bruschetta, a much better life skill than making an arse of yourself on the dance floor x

    BM – I know who you met, brilliant Claire! Please let me know when next down in NF with time for cuppa. Not going for Spanx, just a bigger dress x

  13. Cannot wait to hear all about it! You do make me laugh x

  14. Aw thanks EM, glad I make you laugh. First thing I had to do yesterday morning? Remove splinter from foot after shoes-off dancing. I was COMMITTED to that dancefloor x

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