Summer Drinkies (vlog)

Here’s one I made earlier, some suggestions for summer drinkies:

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  1. Loving the vlogging!! Not only helpful for my drink problem, but so wonderful to see you in the flesh – sort of!! Hair looks great. Backing Blighty in 6 weeks. Hopefully for a bit of summer drinking with you. I don't know where you find the time for all this….. Xxxx

  2. Great vlog! Although next time can we see you actually emptying the bottles (and making the requisite wine-tasting noises) please? I'll not mind if you spit…

  3. Love the vlog! I'm slowly becoming braver with my wine choices, though I usually feel pretty clueless. Thanks for the tips – that Spanish Tempranillo might be my next dive in the deep end 😉

  4. Lovely lovely as ever. Unfortunately I can't sample the wines now as I am Knocked Up! 😉 However, I can say that Hubby really enjoyed the Prosecco from the wine tasting and downed a bottle of it last night. 😉 Looking forward to more drinking recommendations from you in the future. You could do a vlog about what food choices to pair with them as well…chicken goujons anyone?? 😉


  5. Clairey – thanks and yay to summer drinkies! Mrs Russell is on the case x

    Tim – on your orders, I shall drink next time I do this, promise.

    Fuzzy – brilliant, this is just what I hope I'm helping with, making you braver in your wine choices. Let me know how you go with Tempranillo!

    Karin – so happy you are up the duff, not so happy you can't drink but just have surreptitious sniffs of your husband's glass whenever you can! Thanks for lovely comment x

  6. I am very much liking the vlogging action – off to try and find your rioja alternative (am going to have to get you to just ship this stuff to my house if I'm honest!)

  7. Muddling – thank you, will look into setting up a pipeline from my house to yours!

  8. Really enjoyed this! Laughing at Tim's comment too x

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