Quiet Night In

I do love a quiet night in. Tonight, I am mostly loving the sofa, my bowl of pasta, quite good telly (hurrah for Jo Frost! And Alan Sugar!) and a little glass of red. This is in stark contrast to last night, which saw me screaming like a banshee at a Take That concert, with the Pet Shop Boys supporting. I met Howard in real life once. I also met Neil from the PSBs, chased him – cocktail-fuelled – down a street in high-heeled gold sandals. Your song was Number One when I started going out with my husband-to-be! I said. Well done, he said, sotto voce. I didn’t pursue it further. I know a conversational cul-de-sac when I see one.

This week’s sparkling rose in the fridge: Millione Frizzante Rose, £7.99, widely available (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Laithwaites, Waitrose, Amazon, Morrisons)
This lightly sparkling ‘frizz’ from Italy is light, frothy and uncomplicated. The real reason for buying this wine is that £1 from every bottle sold goes to the not-for-profit Millione Foundation set up to build 20 schools in Sierra Leone, a West African country left ravaged by recent civil war. Working with their partners ActionAid, the Foundation has raised over £100,000 to date. Find out more here. It is made from Chardonnay grapes with a dash of Merlot, is lightly sparkling and needs to be served fridge-cold. 

This week’s red on the side: Tierra del Corazon Pinot Noir 2010, £9.99, Virgin Wines
I picked this one out of a case sent to me by Virgin Wines, mostly on the strength that it had a really pretty label (yup, that shallow). But the wine inside was a delight: a floral red with lightness of touch on the palate thanks to balanced fruit, acidity and alcohol. This is made from Pinot Noir grown in the cooler climate Casablanca Valley, north of Santiago in Chile. In the end, wine is all about balance. And a pretty label, preferably. Lovely with my cuddle in a bowl (pasta lightly covered in cherry tomato sauce – from a jar). 

Peace out, winos x

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  1. The sparkling rose may work its way into my trolley, methinks!

    Laughing at your 'conversational cul-de-sac'!

  2. Also shouted myself hoarse a PSBs / Take That and already have the Millione chilling in the fridge – does this mean I'm chanelling you these days?

  3. Trish – hurrah! V glad you like my conversational cul-de-sac…

    Muddling – indeed, either that or I am stalking you. Didn't you LOVE Robbie? Was not a fan but after seeing him in the (very distant) flesh, I am converted…

  4. Then I am shallow too – I love a good label.

  5. Vinogirl – excused 😉

  6. Oooo hope you had a blast at TT. I don't think I had a sparkling Rose before but I'm up for trying it x

  7. I hope they did 'Never Forget' – bit of an anthem. Sparkling Rose – absolutely x

  8. Goodness! What is it with my generation and Take That? I didn't know I knew so many fans! Love the conversational cul-de-sac. He always looked a miserable bastard!

  9. Emma – yes, had a blast, thank you. Love to know what you think of the pink fizz.

    BW – Ooooh yes a real 'hands in the air' moment. Loved it.

    Claire – I wasn't a huge fan last time round but this time, love 'em. Oh, and Neil from the PSBs? I know!

  10. I'm surprised you made no reference to the title "quiet night in "being the greatest 2 handed sitcom episode ever……..

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