1. Bloody hell woman, you don't stand still! Excellent job, cannot wait for the book launch! Vix x

  2. Looks great Helen and de la mode. Bon chance. Ray

  3. Oh it's fabulous!


  4. It's completely fabulous. Well done you, an amazing achievement.

  5. What an achievement! That is very cool indeed x

  6. Wow, that must be an amazing feeling. Now you can picture exactly how it's gonna look all over that table in Waterstones: you know the one where they promote it as a "best read" with Richard and Judy recommendations plastered on it and stuff! Looking forward to meeting you again on Friday. xx

  7. Love it! Love the colours of wine, rich and fruity and and straight to the point! x

  8. Ooh it's a lovely cover. Will make a great pressie!

  9. Congratulations! I shall get my Amazon pre-order in asap! Must be a marvellous feeling.

    Sarah x

    p.s. Still think you need an app!

  10. Woohoo!! That's amazingly cool and awesome. You must be sp proud of yourself. Well, I am 🙂 And is your surname really McGin(n)???!!! It's all in the name, I'd say…

  11. How BRILLIANT are you!

    Now tell me there's going to be a book launch and we all get to come and talk about knowing the author whilst wearing fabulous frocks?

  12. That looks amazing – no doubt doing exactly what it says on the cover – and I agree with Sarah Miles after our chat on Twitter the other evening – an app is the next logical step!

  13. That is a BRILLIANT book cover! Elegant, fun, much like the author! And an app is the way forward – def-in-nitely! Am having sausages – what should I drink? BRILLIANT!

  14. Very excited for you and love the style of the cover. Looking forward to seeing you at BritMums.

  15. Sigh… It's gorgeous!

  16. Looks great! Best of luck with it.

  17. It's definitely eye-catching…congrats!

  18. How did I miss this?! So exciting!


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