I’m starting to think about writing another book. One of my oldest friends wants me to write one about bubbles: Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, English Sparkling Wine and anything else that fits the bill and should be in your glass at some point. I love the idea, but secretly think she just wants an excuse for us to do lots of research. Any other volunteers? In other news, I did a live-streamed wine tasting this week (click here if you want to see an edited version) with Laura, a wine buyer from one of the big supermarkets. As the presenter, I had the easy part. Poor Laura had to do all the work, all the talking. I just got to sip wine and occasionally say ‘tell us about this wine, Laura’. Marvellous. The theme of the tasting was summer wines, and below are my two favourites from the night.

Great rose for the fridge: Tesco Simply Garnacha Rose, £4.59, Tesco
This is a Ronseal wine: it does what it says. Simple, yes. But delicious, uncomplicated, honest, fresh, fruity and vibrant too. And unbelievably good value at under a fiver. Made in the Campo de Borja region in Spain, not far from Rioja. The Garnacha grape has a naturally juicy disposition, but it also adds a bit of spice to proceedings. Doesn’t need food but as with all wine, having something to nibble on is always a good idea. Even if it’s just the last of the children’s Hula Hoops (I might have done that). 

Great red for the rack: Tesco Finest Frappato 2012, £7.99, Tesco
Such a revelation, this wine. Frappato is the name of the grape and this one’s made in Sicily. And Laura was right, it’s such a good summer red. It’s lighter than most southern Italian reds, with blueberry and cherry fruit flavours taking centre stage. There’s spice in support and best of all, it’s completely refreshing. The flavours really are summery. All this needs is a table of cold meats – pork pies! – or a simple tomato-filled bowl of pasta. 

Peace out, winos x

Disclosure: I was paid to present the live tasting. But I’m featuring the wines here because they’re great. And I may have already spent most of my fee in the my-wardrobe sale. 

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  1. A book on bubbly would please me greatly!

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