So, London Fashion Week finished yesterday. I know this because lots of pictures of the bottom half of people in ‘distressed’ jeans and bare ankles on my Instagram feed told me. I do love the circus of fashion but given that not wearing a fleece on the school run is a major fashion statement for me nowadays, I’m hardly cutting edge. So imagine my happiness when told that a pair of shoes I bought last week are, in fact, so on trend it hurts. Actually, I’m hoping that’s exactly what they won’t do because I’ve bought a pair of clogs on the grounds that they are beautiful – and really comfortable. I plan to break them in by wearing them around the house. By which time, I’ll have my fleece back on.

Chin chin x

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  1. Helen – I really love you writing style, it's just so funny! I'm neither in Britain, nor am I a mum but it gives me a chuckle or two and a little reminder of home. Plus of course an update on a couple of interesting-sounding wines. Well done.

  2. "Not wearing a fleece on the school run" – ha, I know exactly what you mean. I keep reading about how suede skirts are now back in fashion and wishing I hadn't thrown away the ones I had in the 90s…..

  3. And I've just had my dry cleaned so can wear it all over again (but perhaps without the button at the top done up) *ssshhhh*

  4. Hi Helen,
    Agree with your comments on the Priorat, when on offer it's a fabulous drink and as you say tastes like a more expensive wine

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