Last Saturday, we went to a local fete in the grounds of a nearby stately. It’s one of my favourites, complete with dog show (including a dogs-who-look-like-their-owners round), a Punch & Judy show and a myriad of stalls including cake, plant and bottle. I won a bottle of Amaretto on the latter, which was a bit coals to Newcastle but I’m not complaining, obviously. Anyway, it was the first of a run of local fetes; next up is the school fete on Saturday. This year, I’m on cream teas. I’ve never been on cream teas before and I think it basically means I’m one of the Older Mums. It was only a matter of time, I know.


Chin chin x

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  1. Ha! That's hilarious – I'm on cream teas at our Summer Fair on Saturday. Hadn't read too much into that until now….. x

    • Just that I remember my first school fete (I was on the sponge throwing stall) and noticing the cream teas were done by mums who'd been at the school for EVER. And now I am one of those mums! Definitely one of the best gigs at the fete (except roving bar, obviously. I did that last year). x

  2. I won a can of de-icer on the tombola last week and my sister won a (used) trinket box. *sighs*

  3. Oh I miss so much about civilisation. Not least being able to lounge about on grass without the fear of being EATEN BY A SNAKE.

  4. It's so funny! Would love to be there.

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