You know the old thing Wendy Cope said about men and buses, how you wait for ages and they all appear at once? Well, same goes for TV programmes. Since the end of the last series of Poldark, the only thing that kept me going was Bake Off (along with a few surreptitious episodes of MIC but we’ll speak no more about that). But now, I can’t stop watching telly. Sunday: Downton, obviously. Monday: London Spy (my friend produced it so am a bit biased, but still – brilliant). Tuesday: River (went a bit strange in the middle but now building to a great finish). And best of all, Wednesday: The Affair. Absolutely one of the most brilliant things on telly for about a year. So well done, telling the story through different eyes. Scenes are repeated with the characters wearing different clothes and saying different things, depending on who’s recounting the story. If you haven’t seen it, you must – and it’ll keep you going until the next series of Poldark.

Chin chin x

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