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Our new early morning start isn’t getting any easier: having to get up when it’s still dark outside feels all wrong. Add in heavy rain and it’s all a bit bleugh. But then there’s this jacket. Named by one of my favourite fash writers as the jazzy jacket, I just knew I had to have one in that way that your whole wardrobe seems obsolete until you do. So now it’s hanging on the door of my wardrobe, where it’s been ever since I bought it in Zara last week. I admire it every morning and plan to wear it as often as possible between now and next Spring. Too much for the school run, perhaps. But on mornings like this, I’m tempted.

Chin chin x

Ps. If you are anywhere near Birmingham this weekend, I’ll be at Love Wine 2015 at the Hotel du Vin all day tomorrow. Along with 250 wines available to taste from some producers around

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Current red on the side: Deakin Vine Series Merlot 2014

Price: £8.99 - Buy From Waitrose

Properly velvet soft and juicy, this is a really great Australian Merlot. It’s got all the usual flavour suspects in there – plums, cherries, raspberries – with a deft touch of spice from oak too. From the Murray Darling region, darling. Sip whilst wearing a jazzy jacket and you’re all set. 

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Current white in the fridge: Oveja Blanca Muscat 2014

Price: £9.00 - Buy From Oddbins

The Muscat grape is rather on the floral side, with a kind of honeysuckle, rosewater and lychee thing going on. This one, from the Ucles region in central Spain, is gorgeous – if you like that kind of thing. Fresh, a touch flowery but not so much that it looks out of season. You can’t miss the label, it’s got a funny looking sheep on the front (oveja blanca means white sheep). Brilliant for brightening up these dark nights and a simple fishcake supper. 

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