Feel Your Presents

The sparkly lights are up and the Christmas playlist is on. Not doing so well on the present-buying front but that’s what the internet is for. I remember the thrill of seeing presents under the tree as a child. Even better when you found one with your name on the tag. And at that age, size really did matter: the bigger the better. Along with my siblings, we’d pick them up and shake them, peeling back the corners of the wrapping paper in the hope of seeing what was inside. This year, I’ve asked for a steam mop (nope, not kidding). At least it’ll be the biggest present under the tree. Talking of taking sneaky peeks, I’ve been working on the new design for the blog. You’ll be able to search for a wine depending on what shop you’re in and how much you want to spend, much like an app. I’m dying to show you but as my mother used to say when it came to the presents under the tree, we’ll just have to wait. Not long now, though.

Chin Chin x

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  1. A steam mop? Seriously? Only if it is wrapped in cashmere or something sparkly!

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