OK so. First things first: I really hope you like the new look. Back when I started this whole thing I thought, instead of people calling me from the supermarket wine aisle on a Friday afternoon wailing ‘WTF DO I BUY?!’, I’ll post a couple of wine recommendations each week on a blog. Simple. But I also wanted you to be able to search for a wine exactly as you wished, whether that’s by shop, price, colour, style – whatever, on your phone from the wine aisle if you needed to. Now, you can do just that. Click on the ‘Wine Reviews’ tab along the top of the website and off you go! There are pictures of the labels, hopefully making the wines easier to find. And in ‘KM Loves’, a few other recommendations including glasses, decanters and other non-wine, non-essential but still very lovely things. Anyway, take a look around (glass in hand if poss) and in the meantime, more wine.

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  1. One word: ACE! xx

  2. Have always loved your blog, but love this new site and wine thingy – FAB!

  3. Looks fab on my mobile. Would still like to yell across the aisle to you in the supermarket one day. Ha

  4. It looks so fab Helen! Love it. x

  5. Looking good…!

  6. As always you have done an amazing job, love having you in my pocket at those crucial buying moments!

  7. Hi Helen,
    Much more information, love the wine review section, nice job !


  9. Love the new look & feel; well done you!

  10. I remember reading your book for the first time and back then could relate to the social events and what wine to take on so many levels, i just loved it…what you’ve done here with your website is another huge plus, love the blogs, love the videos, always so informative, down to earth with a great twist of class, just brilliant!!!

  11. Tres posh 🙂

  12. Very nice indeed. And it works! Well done!

  13. Even better than before! Well done. Just wish it popped into my inbox every day…!

  14. Loving the new look

  15. There is a lot going on…I think like it 🙂

  16. Hello Helen,
    I emailed you about my alcohol free G&T I make in Matlock last January hoping to help folk on dry January.
    I see today you have done an article on zero proof drinks.
    May I send you some of mine?
    Made in Matlock! Sold on our farmers markets and mail order!
    Hope to hear back,
    Best regards,
    Max Price

  17. Love the new book – This changes everything. A lovely, true to life story that I could easy to read and very enjoyable. I heard you mention it on Saturday Kitchen last Saturday so bought it straight away and finished reading it 6 days later. Would definitely recommend.

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