Cocktail, anyone?

Happy New Year! Bit late I know but, technically, last year was only last week. After the madness, here we are in the cold light of January. And I kinda like it; I think it’s the clean sheet of paper feel of it all. The anything-is-possible vibe. I’m definitely going to try and move less and eat more. Hang on, other way round. Less shouting, obviously. Say that every year. And, hopefully, write another book. Talking of which, Teetotal Tipples is selling brilliantly, apparently – thank you! One of the drinks mentioned in the book is Seedlip, a fantastic distilled non-alcoholic spirit. They’ve kindly donated 10 bottles (worth £28 each!) to perk up dry days and all you need to do to win one is enter the prize draw below. They’ve even created an exclusive cocktail just for us – the Mother’s Muddle. Made with grape juice! All details, including the recipe, are on the entry form. Back with wines next week.

Enter the Seedlip Competion

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  1. Teetotal tipples has been the making of my dry January. Thank you Helen! So tempted to come off the wagon at the weekend and Seedlip saved the day. You really can pretend it is gin (or perhaps that is missing the point!?).

  2. At LAST!!!!! I bought your book yesterday and have leafed through it, feeling moved to send a note to say thank you. I’m a teetotaller (wine and I fell out), and I am so BORED with the really, really poor choice of drinks on offer, particularly in what they describe themselves as “fine dining” restaurants. Can I suggest you get your publishers to send every one of the top 20 one of the books to encourage them to be a little more thoughtful… no more sugar-laden Fentimans (however nice it is), or Diet Coke ffs. (NB almost the only exceptions to the rule I have found are the Soho House Group, who do a fine no-alc Moscow Mule – they make their own ginger syrup – and the lovely Union Bistro in Clapham, run by food and wine butters who occasionally brew their own turmeric beer, which is amazing…) I’m also going to buy another 10 of these and give them to my friends, whom I love but have no clue as to quite how dreary they make my drinking life. Bless you and thanks.. Judith

    • ..that should say “nutters!”

    • Helen McGinn

      Dear Judith, thank you so, so much! What gorgeous words, am so thrilled you’ve found the book helpful. Honestly, the hardest thing about not drinking was finding something to drink that wasn’t really fizzy/sweet/expensive – I had no idea until I tried! Just tested another new one out last night, Teetotal G ‘n’ T, worth googling. A bit on the sweet side but again, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and it’s really rather good. Thanks again and completely thrilled to hear it’s helped. Helen x

  3. Just bought a pile from Amazon… My friends are going to be a) happy, or b) annoyed at my swivel-eyed zealotry…. – could go either way 😉

  4. One quick question: recently went to 42 Jermyn St – excellent non-alcoholic cocktails (and food), which they served with a little dropper bottle of “acid” so you could tweak to taste. Nice idea: I’m guessing citric acid, in which case, do you know how to make it or the proportions….

    • What a brilliant idea…am pretty sure that sounds like citric acid, it adds a tart sourness without making it taste like lemons (or limes). You can buy it in powder form and boil it up with water as per instructions on packet. Bit of a faff though, prefer idea of going to 42 Jermyn Street and pocketing a few bottles!

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