Burns baby, Burns

So, I went to a Burns Night supper on Thursday night and left thinking I really must drink more whisky. Not that night (I’d already had a couple of drams). Just generally, because it’s the most glorious drink and I really don’t drink it very often. Dried fruits, nuts, vanilla and spice – the flavour variation is endless depending on how and where it’s made. And taking it with a dash of cold water means it won’t (funnily enough) burn. Talking of which, note to self: don’t leave doing your upper lip until the last minute when you’re going out. Talk about feeling the burn. Anyway, I’ve included a great (value) starter whisky in this week’s reviews. Slàinte, as they say.

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Current red in the rack: Down The Lane Shiraz Tempranillo

Price: £6.99 - Buy From Aldi

Available from the 1st February as part of Aldi’s next Wine Festival, this is a limited edition punky-looking wine made by one of Australia’s best known winemaking families, De Bortoli. The fruit is from South East Australia but their inspiration is Spain, blending the Tempranillo grape (the one behind the wines of Rioja) with Australia’s most famous red grape, Shiraz. The result is a juicy, herby blend of gorgeousness. Right up my street.

Current whisky in the cupboard: Monkey Shoulder

Price: £26.95 - Buy From The Whisky Exchange

If you’re wanting to give whisky a(nother) try this one’s a great place to start. It’s a super smooth blend of three different Speyside single malt whiskies (Speyside is known for its fruity styles). The first time I tried this it was in a whisky and ginger ale (one of my all-time favourite pre-dinner drinks). And as lovely as it was, it wasn’t until I tried it with just a splash of water that I got a proper taste for it. Great looking bottle and brilliant value to boot.

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