Feel the Burn

OK, January. You’ve had your ‘fun’. Case in point: I went to a HIIT class at the gym today. Or SHIIT as I like to call it. Now I can hardly walk. And even though I haven’t managed a dry January (once was enough; this one’s had a few damp patches) it’s still been relatively abstemious. Thank goodness then for Burns Night – I’ve got whisky recommendations for you this week, as promised – because that means a) it’s nearly February and b) I can give up HIIT. Until next year, of course.

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Current whisky on the side: Laphroaig Select Malt Whisky

Price: £26 - Buy From Tesco

Normally £33, this is a great price for such a smart dram. It’s from the island of Islay, traditionally the home of the bigger, richer styles of whisky. Aged in new American oak barrels, its smoky, peaty edges have been softened with a touch of vanilla from the wood. Try it with a dash of cold water to bring out the flavours.

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Current whisky on the side: Glenfairn Speyside Single Malt Whisky

Price: £20 - Buy From Tesco

This is one of a range of affordable (i.e. cheaper than the big brands) new Single Malt Scotch Whiskies made exclusively for Tesco, each coming from a different region to show off benchmark characteristics. And my favourite in the line up was this one, from Speyside, with its distinctive toffee apple character. Relatively light in style, it’s a great/gentle introduction to joy of a dram or great in a cocktail (swap it for gin in a Negroni and make a Burns Boulevardier instead).

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