Sparking Joy

Apparently, there’s a new series on Netflix about tidying up with expert de-clutterer Marie Kondo. Now, I haven’t seen it (too busy watching the entire series of Fleabag back to back, way more fun than folding clothes). But I do know Marie’s mantra is ‘does this spark joy?’ In other words if you own something and it doesn’t make you happy, you don’t need it. Happily, there are plenty of wines that spark joy so instead of decluttering, I suggest putting your feet up on the sofa with a glass of one of this week’s wines in hand, book/remote in the other. Job done. Joyous.

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Current white in the fridge: King’s Favour Sauvignon Blanc

Price: £11.24 - Buy From Ocado

This is a real joy-sparker, made from Marlborough-grown Sauvignon Blanc with its Spring-like whiff of cut grass, blossom and citrus. A reminder, in liquid form, that brighter, longer days are not quite so far away. Usually £14.99 but it’s on offer at the moment, so even more joyful. Delicious with ginger and chilli-topped steamed salmon (check out the MOB Kitchen book for the recipe – so simple and quick).

Current red in the rack: Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: £17.99 - Buy From Waitrose

OK, so this isn’t exactly cheap but it is so joyful. The cabernet sauvignon grape loves California, especially the region where this one comes from, the Alexander Valley in Sonoma. The climate (warm days, cool nights) and soils (gravelly) suit it perfectly. The result? As rich and smooth as Clooney. Told you it was joyful.


  • Sazzerbear
    5 years ago

    I have been glued to Marie on Netflix but today’s decluttering only bought me feelings of anger, not joy at the amount we have been hoarding! Made better tonight with a nice glass of PInot though!

    • Helen McGinn
      5 years ago

      Very glad to hear the decluttering was appropriately rewarded!

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