I have news! My new book, This Changes Everything, is being published a few days early so if you’ve pre-ordered an e-book it will ping onto your device TODAY! I know! As promised I’ve got some suggested wines to drink when you’re reading it and next Tuesday (9th February) I’ll be doing a live wine tasting with Kat Farmer over on her IGTV at 6pm to celebrate with a glass or four. I really hope you can join us, whatever’s in your glass. Here’s what we’ll be tasting/talking about:

Vecchia Modena Pignoletto, £7.49 (usually £9.99), Waitrose

Pian del Bichi Vermentino, £7.49 (usually £9.99), Waitrose

Murrina Greco di Tufo, £10, M&S

Tesco Finest Valpolicella Ripasso, £11, Tesco

And now I’ve got a huge favour to ask. If you do read it, please can you leave a review wherever you can – online, loo door, bus stop – as it really helps.

Thank you, winos x

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  1. Hannah Wagstaff

    OMG, what a perfect birthday present! It’s my birthday today and how glorious to indulge myself in your new book!!! I’ll be back with a review, when I’ve read it 😉

  2. Kiran williams

    Can’t wait to read the book . Two of my favourite places Rome , my first holiday with the hubby , and Cornwall our happy place , where we go every year . Will definitely join you and Kat next week , love your wine tastings . Currently drinking the Cotes Du Rhone from the last tasting which I’m enjoying .

  3. Carol Mitchell

    I’ve just finished TCE, all chores had to wait until this afternoon until I’d devoured the last page! I’ve laughed and cried in equal measures, and I’m sure like many others identified with Annie, Jess and indeed Julia. Never been to Rome but it’s on my list now, such a great read thanks Helen and bravo! 👏 Off to buy the wine for tomorrow’s celebration with Kat 🥂

  4. Just finished your book, it was an amazing read, filled with travel, love, laughter, food and most importantly wine. Absolutely loved it, please write more xxxx

    • Helen McGinn

      Thank you so much Vickie, am writing another now! And so thrilled to hear you enjoyed this one, thank you x

  5. Am new to KMWC but love your appearances on Sat Morning Kitchen! have just received my copy of your new book and am planning which wine to sit down with later when I make a start! PX Sherry was my discovery thanks to you 🙂

    • Helen McGinn

      Ahhh thank you so much! Hope you love reading it – and that you have a glass of something nice within reach when you do x

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