Bonterra Wine Giveaway!

The weather’s (mostly) still rubbish but I’m all about finding the small joys. Specifically, having something lovely in my glass at the end of the day. I’d throw in a long, relaxing bath but given that someone’s usually nicked all the hot water, not to mention left damp towels all over the floor, the chances of that happening in this house are slim to none. So straight to wine it is. And not just for me. I’ve got 12 bottles of wine worth over £140 to give away to one of you too! The folk at Bonterra, one of my all time favourite Californian wine producers, have kindly offered six bottles of their gorgeous organic Chardonnay and six of their organic Cabernet Sauvignon for one fellow knackered wine lover. Bonterra’s vineyards have been farmed organically for over 30 years and they really know what they’re doing. I’ve always loved the ripe, warm flavours of their wines, like little hugs for the taste buds. Click on this week’s wine reviews for more information on the two up for grabs and to be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment below on the blog and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only, must be over 18years old to enter. Competition closes on 30th June 2021 at 11.59pm. The winner will be notified by email and the prize will be sent to the winner after that date.

This post is sponsored by Bonterra Vineyards. Visit for more information.

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  1. Lisa Brown

    Would love to try these…. I especially love a Californian chardonnay x

  2. Patricia Sey

    Ooh these sound like just the thing to bring a little sunshine back! X

  3. These sound amazing, especially the red… yummy!
    Can’t wait to see if I win 🙂

  4. Would be lovely to share a bottle with my daughter who is just returned from Germany. We haven’t seen each other for over 18 months. A glass or two would be the perfect way to celebrate her return.

  5. Love the sound of the white, mouth water just reading it. Red sounds amazing but Would have to share with hubby as since Covid red wine is just not happening

  6. Simon Heape

    I’m not familiar with these specific wines but love Cali Chardonnay and Cab Sav, would be great to share with my lovely wife.

  7. Rachel Clift

    Ooh I’d love some free wine!

  8. The cabernet sauvingon sounds really good- I shall buy some to try.

  9. Trina Redshaw

    More wines to taste and explore…. Certainly traveling the world with your wine recommendations. Keep them coming please .

  10. Kath Edwards

    Twelve bottles of wine with grapes grown in the sunshine would definitely help with holiday deficit this summer – 🤩

  11. Would love to try these wines! You can’t beat a buttery Chardonnay!!

  12. Tom Powell

    Sounds right up my street. Would love to give them a try 🥂

  13. Helen Morgan

    Would love to try this Californian Chardonnay and entertain my friends with a case of it! Keep giving us good wines Helen! 🥂

  14. Love a Chardonnay!

  15. Karen Gartland

    These sound lovely, big fan of Californian wines! 🙏

  16. Already have a few of their Chardonnay, and wouldn’t complain if I won some more! Thanks

  17. Tom Benson

    These wines both sound absolutely delicious, I can’t wait to try them! 😋

  18. Will Gregory

    Sound delish, nom!

  19. Clare Hudson

    I love the sound of little hugs for your taste buds! Would love to try.

  20. Gemma Graham

    Ooh love A Californian Chardonnay..

  21. Elizabeth Walter

    Heading to Tesco tomorrow to give these a try, I am sure they will be delicious 😋

  22. Shirley Dibden

    They both sound very inviting! Might have to share with daughter who has become abit of a wine lover. Can’t think where she gets it! 😜

  23. Julie Andrews

    Would love to try, tried to add to my Tesco shop and not listed?

  24. Tania Francis

    I love your reviews and will always go for at least one of your recommendations. It was so easy just to stick to what I know but love how I am now more confident to give other grapes and regions a go.

  25. Would love to try both of these! (Separately not together 😜)

  26. Sharon McE

    It sounds delicious and I would love to share a bottle (or two!) with my sister who’s coming over from Ireland to visit me 😍.

  27. Sandra Macdonald

    One of my faves too Helen! Bonterra Chardonnay gives a delicious fruity heady hit with every mouthful! Delightful on a balmy summer evening sitting in the garden

  28. Both sound delicious! The red looks fabulous

  29. Beverley Govin

    I’ve never had a Californian Chardonnay before Would love to try ,sounds lovely

  30. I love Californian Chardonnays and I love Bonterra!

  31. Off to Tesco to find these beauties!

  32. Rebecca Gibson

    Ooh was in California this time two years ago and miss it (and the wine!!) a lot at the moment!

  33. Joanne Glendinning

    These wines sound fabulous..I’m sure they will make a dreary summer night feel a whole lot brighter!!🧡

  34. They sound delicious!

  35. Jenny Dickinson

    They both sound deeeeelicious! Would definitely give them a good home!

  36. I haven’t tried Californian wine for ages. This had made me remember how much I liked it last time I did ! Fingers crossed.

  37. Claire Hobson

    Ooh his ‘n’ hers wine combo! Red for him (hubby) white for me…oh and red for me too 😄 well it’s only fair to share 😉 They do sound lovely wines to just unwind and let time pass by…

  38. I love Californian wine – these both look fab! They sound a great accompaniment to a weekend barbecue.

  39. Lugina McConnell

    These look delicious. Would love to try. Fellow wino Lugyloo

  40. New to the club and these sound perfect! 🥂🍷

  41. Would love to try these wines!

  42. Both sounds delicious 🤤

  43. Catherine Hatwood

    Does being a California Girl that misses home count? Haven’t had this Chard in years, can’t get to Cali right now, why not bring it to me…? Thank you 😘

  44. Wouldn’t it be nice to win some wine!

  45. Rachel Beech

    Had their Chardonnay on our wedding day afew decades ago. Would love to enjoy this lovely wine again !! 🙏🤞🏼👰‍♀️

  46. Carolyn Walpole

    Fingers crossed! Love big American reds🍷and big bold Chardonnay’s 😋😍

  47. I would love to share the love with my friends as I know how gorgeous these wines are .

  48. I love the red and my overworked and underpaid loves the white. Another knackered mother!! 😂

  49. Would love to try these wines.
    Having a charity bash for Oakhaven on 31st July, something to share !

  50. Kelly Howell

    These sound fab! Perfect to share with friends

  51. Sounds a gorgeous wine. Would go down very well what ever the weather.

  52. I blooming love a Chardonnay … particularly a Californian one! With the new opportunities to gather, I’d love to pop a cork or two with my pals in the garden … or, I might hold the cab until Christmas #forwardplanner

  53. Jane Ramsell

    What a delicious sounding pair! Would be great served at my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary that I’m just organising! Here’s hoping…

  54. The introduction to your group has opened my mind and palate to so many things – thanks for this

  55. Love the sound of these and I’m sure I could persuade people to drink with me 🥰

  56. Kara Gregory

    The Chardonnay sounds delicious 🤞

  57. Catherine Ramsay

    These sound lovely – something for everyone this summer (hopefully it brings the California weather!) 😋😍

  58. We can at least ‘travel’ the world with wine, if not yet in reality ☺️

  59. Yes pls !!!!!! Take my taste buds to California

  60. Yummy ! Come cuddle my tastebuds

  61. Sue Roberts

    We have been buying the white for years and is a favourite not tried the red yet but wil do 🍷

  62. Eddie Davies

    Would love to win this to help my wife celebrate her 70th birthday postponed from last year due to lockdown

  63. Elle Sugden

    Fingers crossed! I love a Californian Chardonnay!

  64. Brenda Swiestowska

    Would love to win these. Not tried too many Californian wines so would be just the right opportunity to do so.

  65. Diana Harmer

    Would love to try this wine!

  66. Brenda Swiestowska

    Would love to win these. Have not tried much Californian wine so would be the perfect opportunity to give them a go

  67. Joyce Mary

    I can resist anything but Cabernet Sauvignon!

  68. Ooh, sound lovely to brighten up this rainy summer!

  69. Lizzie Sale

    I’d love to try these and share them with my friends – not the family they can fend for themselves 😆

  70. Bella Eccles

    Pick me (don’t bother with random!). I’ll happily share them and sit, eat, chat and chill my boots with you!

  71. Some Cali lovelyness would be super appreciated please 😊 🍷

  72. Samantha Edmunds

    Sounds just the ticket to cheer me up!

  73. kirsty scott

    Haven’t had Bonterra Chardonnay for a long time – hope still nice, rich n oaky

  74. Clare Bryce-Smith

    These sound FAB! Definitely up for trying new wines!

  75. christine harris

    Would love to give these a try 🤗🤗🤗

  76. I absolutely adore a Californian Chardonnay, and also a cab sav come to think of it! I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for this one and then I can imagine I’m sitting in the Californian sun whilst I sip x

  77. Abi Palmer

    They sound lovely perfect for enjoying snuggled up on the sofa with my husband. 💜

  78. Kate Elis-Williams

    sounds very delicious…

  79. Sharon van Geuns

    Bring me sunshine, bring me joy, bring me cali chardonnay, and I’ll not be coy
    Will have a party, 6 close friends
    Drink that grape juice, make amends…
    La lal la.
    Would love to win 😉

  80. Yes please x

  81. Carol Mitchell

    Always happy to try a new recommendation from KMWC, every one so far has been fab! Would love to add this wine to my modest collection.

  82. I’d love to try these organic wines. You make them sound lovely

  83. These sound delicious!

  84. Amanda Millard

    Sound absolutely delightful, will look out for these wines in Tesco. Can always rely on your recommendations x

  85. Kirsty Leslie

    I am just starting to learn about Californian wines and theses would be great to try and expand my taste buds!

  86. Mike Chirnside

    Bonterra? Bon chance! 🤞🏼

  87. Colin Daysh

    I can’t remember when I last had a Californian wine but i’m willing to try 🙂

  88. YES PLEASE! 😍

  89. Kevin Hurley

    Lots of rain so far with the promise of more to come. What better way to bring a little California our way and brighten up the day. Bonterra!

  90. Debbie Ball

    Amazing offer, something to enjoy while reading a good book 😜👌

  91. These sound delicious- I have found so many new favourites since flooding you and maybe these will join my favourite list 😊

  92. Damn auto predict – should say since following you! 😂

  93. These sound loooooveelyyy 🙂

  94. Eleanor Brady

    Me, me, me!

  95. Sounds like the “puppies pebbles” to me.

    Love California wines and both of these sound like they would hit the spot

  96. Oooh lovely – Organic wine at a good price and available at Tesco too! I would love to try these and share with loved ones.

  97. Karen Croft

    I do love Bonterra wines, but haven’t had them for a long time. I would love to try these as I’m sure they are wonderful. Just right for summer xx

  98. Clodagh Buckley

    I’m really enjoying the Chardonnay resurgence and this one sounds fab!

  99. Joanne Roberts

    Yes please …I ❤️ Californian wine especially reds 🍷😊

  100. Yes please, especially the Chardonnay! My sister can have the Sauvignon!!

  101. Tracey Jackson

    Helen. I’ve a holiday booked with My Mum and Dad moved from pre Covid. My dad now is completely immobile but it’s a bungalow overlooking the sea. So not to be discouraged. I’ve booked a wheelchair accessible car and will pack everything he needs (except the kitchen sink). Throw the dogs in the back and make the best of it for a week. So if I win your wines they will come too and my Mum and I will enjoy them. They sound delicious.

  102. I love a creamy Chardonnay, this sounds great with just a hint of oaky spice. A Californian cab sav has just got to be drunk…….

  103. Gemma Coleman

    Ooooo they sound like a hug in a bottle 😊😋

  104. Kathryn Southwell

    Sunshine in a glass – would be blissful to share with friends 🤗

  105. Oooo, they sound like just the thing to reward myself with after many night feeds

  106. Jennifer Roberts

    Would love to try the Chardonnay!

  107. Donna Blyth

    Oh this would be wonderful to enjoy with friends for our upcoming UK weekend staycation!

  108. Here for the giveaway!.

  109. Lucy Schoonhoven

    Always love a giveaway… haven’t ever won so far thought so fingers crossed for this chance! 😁

  110. Gabrielle Weaver

    Please, please, please, please, please pick me for these beautiful sounding wines. Can’t wait to try them (and also would be a relief to have a wine gift as I am currently going bankrupt after my addiction to buying, trying and sharing every wine that you recommend) :O) Thank you xxx

  111. Jo Scattergood

    The only red I’ll drink is Californian, love to try this one! Thanks for the review, it sounds awesome!

  112. I felt your pain with the rain recently! Would welcome an opportunity to try these wines 😁

  113. Oo these both sound like bottled sunshine!
    Big fan Helen, keep up the good reccomendations!

  114. I normally don’t drink anything except Chardonnay but could make an exception for some Cabernet!

  115. Ohhh they both sound amazing, and either a lovely treat at the end of a busy day! 😃

  116. Janice Phillips

    Sunshine ☀️ in a glass (or 2)…. yes please 😊

  117. Linda Cummings

    Oo yes please. Love Bonterra especially as they are organic😍

  118. Oh please they sound heavenly and from my favourite state of California. 💕

  119. What a great idea to try in the bath with your partner. But would definitely need two bottles!!
    One each 😂

  120. I say, talk of bath time wines, if it’s good enough for the Romans to indulge then who am I to argue. In Vino Veritas!

  121. Sharon Webster

    These sound absolutely lush! Would be a lovely 20th anniversary treat! Organic too 👌

  122. Jackie Waghorn

    After the day I’ve just had, I would just love to curl in my PJs with a chilled glass of white or a warming glass of red x

  123. Joanne Hamilton

    These wines sound very tasty for a bbq in the sunshine!

  124. These wines sound wonderful,. Butter, honey and BBQs, sounds an ideal summer.

  125. Rachel Liddon

    I’ve never tried a Californian wine before and always seem to stick with what I know so would love to try something different. x

  126. Sally Prosser

    Little hugs for the tastebuds. Sounds absolutely perfect, to drink in or out of the bath.

    • The cab sounds fab – mouth filling and warming – just need to light that chiminea and sit back and revisit our honeymoon trip to California 30 years ago !

  127. Tammy watson

    ”A warming dollop of alcohol” Much better than putting the big quilt back on the bed!

  128. Adele Knott

    They both sound delicious!

  129. Adele Knott

    They both sound lovely!

  130. Kathryn Little

    Oh yes please 😊 sounds devine… would have enjoyed the Chardonnay today in the beautiful sunshine relaxing in the garden… after a few days gardening a well earned rest 👍

  131. Timothy Smith

    It would be great to win and try these wines. 😊

  132. Julie Pinnick

    These wines sound interesting – it’s been a while since I’ve tried anything from USA

  133. Always love your recommendations….let the sun shine and drink some wine ☀️

  134. Californian chardonnay, my idea of heaven! yes please

  135. Debra Ward

    These sound delicious – fingers crossed!

  136. Would love to win these for my little sister who deserves a treat, and maybe she could teach me the difference between a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon. As I am completely ignorant when it comes to a nice wine. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤞🏻

  137. Debbie Hopkins

    If we should win this splendid prize , in just one day I’m sure it would change everything! Wine to drink in the bath whilst reading classy literature! Maybe you could include a little Californian wine in your next novel necessitating a little Californian research trip?

  138. Carole Wood

    They sound lovely 🥰 look forward to winning 😂 and trying them out 🍷

  139. Joanna Merchant

    My experience of American wine has not been great! So would love to try two you recommend!

  140. I always try to buy organic now Helen! I feel they have a truer taste & I don’t get a sore head if I’ve overindulged! HaHa! Plus that red looks SO inviting in your IKEA glass! Xx

  141. Karen Mizen

    These wines sound wonderful. Now that the weather has improved they will be perfect in garden with a barbecue. Thank you for the blog post.

  142. Maggie lacey

    I picked a bottle of the red up on your recommendation and you know what ??? It’s gorgeous ❤️

  143. Christina McGill

    Heavenly! I’m looking forward to expanding my selection of organic wines. It’s a learning process but I’m glad that I’m making good choices with quality wines. 🍷

  144. Love this now that the sun is shining 😊

  145. Ooh these look amazing Helen! Would love to try

  146. I love trying new wines, fingers crossed x

  147. Nicola O'Dowd

    They both sound delicious… Maybe I need to detour via Tesco for the weekly shop this week!

  148. Love love love! Look forward to trying 🍷🤩

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