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Last Saturday was National Rosé Day but given the recent news on lockdown restrictions I’m thinking we just extend it. At least until the 19th July, anyway. So this week I’ve got a couple of rosé suggestions including one from Kent given that English Wine Week kicks off this Saturday. Here’s hoping the weather holds, especially now that I’ve dug out my old demin cut offs from the back of the cupboard and thrown on enough fake tan to last a few weeks. That’s my Hot Girl Summer preparations right there. Along with topping up the rosé stocks, obviously. By the way, if you’re looking for more pink wine inspiration I picked a few current favourites and tried them with Baby Spice on Saturday Kitchen last weekend (I know, right?). Catch it here if you missed it. Back next week with a fabulous competition, just so you know.

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Current sparkling in the fridge: Balfour Cuvée Rose NV

Price: £20 - Buy From M&S

There are now lots and lots and LOTS of gorgeous English Sparkling wines to choose from but finding a good one for under £20 is a bit of a challenge (making sparkling wine via the traditional ‘champagne’ method i.e. with a second bubble-inducing fermentation happening inside the bottle is a relatively expensive business). This is one of my favourites made by fantastic winemakers at Hush Heath, in Kent. It’s  a blend of classic champagne grapes and is bright and crisp with a touch of strawberries and toast about it. Fantastic value for money.

Current rosé in the fridge: Tesco Finest Sancerre Rosé

Price: £12.00 - Buy From Tesco

Made from the Pinot Noir grape this is the pink take on one of the Loire Valley’s best known wines. From the gorgeous bottle shape to what’s inside, I absolutely loved this when I tasted it at the recent Tesco Press Tasting. Honestly, it beat lots of other Provence rosés hands down on deliciousness. Lighter, fresher, more elegant and all things considered, pretty good value for money. A really smart buy.


  • Heather
    2 years ago

    I have recently “re found” rose wine and I am loving the French dry Roses. Perfect for the weather improving

    • Helen McGinn
      2 years ago

      Absolutely! Can’t wait for rosé weather to return…

  • Orla kirk
    2 years ago

    Hi Helen
    We bought the M&S French rose and thought it was lovely. Thank you for the recommendation. Definitely will buy it again, maybe tomorrow actually 😊

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