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I have news! No, not pregnant. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s about my next book which, come to think of it, has felt a bit like my baby for the last year. Anyway it’s finally here, with a cover, and it’s called In Just One Day. Out on 5th August and available to pre-order now (only kindle showing here but it’ll be available in all formats soon), it’s about families, life, love, loss and lots more. As you might have guessed there’s a trip to Venice along the way – and there’s quite a lot of wine involved. Then (and I can hardly believe I’m typing this) I’ve been asked to write three more books by my (honestly, wonderful) publisher Boldwood. I’ve just started working on my third novel and it’s out next year. Thank you so much to all of you who’ve read This Changes Everything (or have it on your TBR pile!) and for all your messages about it. I love reading them and you’ve definitely spurred me on to write more. I can’t wait to hear what you think of In Just One Day.

Cheers, winos x

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Current sparkling in the fridge: The Grange Classic NV

Price: £31.00 - Buy From The Grange

One of my favourite wines currently on the English wine scene, this rich, complex, toasty, nutty, citrusy sparkler is SUCH a treat. Made from a blend of mostly Chardonnay, along with some Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier all grown in Hampshire vineyards on prized chalky soil, it’s aged for around three years on its lees hence the bags of richness and flavour in there. Above all, it’s beautifully balanced. And as we all know, life is all about balance. Eat with cheese straws. That’s an order.

Current bag in box in the fridge: Number 1 Bacchus

Price: £37.50 - Buy From The BiB Wine Company

It’s an English wine! In a bag in box! And it’s brilliant! Honestly, I’m going to be drinking this all summer long. Made from the Bacchus grape, it’s got the freshness of Sauvignon but not as in-your-face and the bag in box format boasts a carbon footprint 10x lower than glass. Once opened, it’ll stay fresh in the fridge for weeks (it if lasts that long). Made by the adventurous team at The English Vine from Essex-grown grapes in collaboration with the equally adventurous team at the Bib Wine Company. More, please.

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