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Week *insert number* of the holidays (literally, no idea) and given the weather we’re currently breaking personal bests on screen time in this house. Last week also saw the launch of my new book In Just One Day (did I mention it?) along with a party to celebrate with friends and family, a photo shoot for a piece I wrote for the paper about losing someone I love and how that helped me write the book (click here if you’d like to read the article), not to mention cooking the filthiest, most delicious chips I’ve ever eaten for Saturday Kitchen at the weekend. I paired them with a bargain vintage champagne, something of an oxymoron as vintage champagne is anything but cheap but you know what I mean. I’ve included it in this week’s recommendations. Also, if you fancy doing a virtual wine tasting with me and four friends (yours, not mine) along with winning a signed copy of the book, there’s a competition over on my publisher Boldwood’s website. All details on how to enter including T&Cs are here, simply click and follow instructions. Right, time to go and kick them off their screens whilst the sun shines.

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Current sparkling in the fridge: Chanoine Frères ‘Réserve Privée’ Champagne 2014

Price: £24.99 - Buy From Majestic

Vintage champagne is rarely cheap but this one, from one of the more under the radar Champagne Houses (and the second oldest in the region) is a relative bargain. Made from a classic blend of champagne grapes it’s the extra age that gives this one its edge, all honey and toasted nuts with a streak of citrus keeping it fresh overall. Just add chips, preferably with truffle mayonnaise. Yes, really.

Current red in the rack: Morrisons The Best Fleurie

Price: £8.50 - Buy From Morrisons

If ever there was a red wine style made for the summer months it’s Fleurie, a glorious summer berry fruit-loaded red from one of the Beaujolais region’s 10 Cru villages. Made from the juicy Gamay grape this one’s particularly lovely, light on its feet but with plenty of flavour and just the right amount of gentle grip. A relative bargain, try it with (unburnt) hot dogs.

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