The Fundamentals of Wine

It’s here! After months of planning, my first ever online wine course is ready for you to download and watch as and when you please. Broken down into 25 bite-size lessons it covers everything from how to read a wine label, what to drink with different foods, how to host your own wine tasting with friends and how to navigate your way around the supermarket wine section (very important, that one). The course costs £79 (so just over £3 a lesson) supported by downloadable workbooks and you can watch it however many times you like as and when you want to. Huge thanks to the brilliant team at Create Academy for making it all happen and if you’d like to see more details click here. I hope you love it!

Also, lots of you have asked for the homemade limoncello recipe I made with the great Gennaro Contaldo on Saturday Kitchen at the weekend. There’s one in my Homemade Cocktails book but the quantities were a little smaller than the recipe we did on the programme so here’s the one from the show…

Method: peel 5-6 unwaxed lemons and put the peel in a large glass jar. Top up with a 70cl bottle of vodka, give it a gentle shake and leave it for at least three days or up to a week. When you’re ready make a simple sugar syrup by putting 400g caster sugar and 400ml water in a pan and heating gently until the sugar has dissolved. Once cooled, add it to the jar with the vodka and the lemons. Leave it for another week, giving it a daily gentle shake as you pass if you remember. Then strain the liquid into another clean bottle (or smaller bottles if giving this as presents). Seal and store in the freezer. Brilliant served as after dinner shots, especially if you’ve made Gennaro’s lemon tiramisu! Or add a shot to a glass over ice and top up with prosecco and soda water to make a Limoncello Spritz. You’re welcome.

Just the one wine recommendation this week but oh my word it’s a cracker/costs £5. No-one will know.

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  1. That’s some serious fundamentals of wine that I’ve seen in a long time.

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