I love a bargain, I really do. But if we’re talking wine there are a few things worth bearing in mind. For a start, whatever you pay for your bottle, £2.23 goes on tax. And that’s before VAT. Factor in the cost of making it, packaging it, shipping it and selling it and we’re talking pennies rather than pounds when it comes to what’s inside the bottle. So if I recommend a wine under £5 it’s because a) what’s inside tastes good and b) it’s made by a big producer who can afford to sell wine cheaply.

I’ve tasted hundreds of wines from various retailers over the last few months including plenty under £5 and most are drinkable but not that enjoyable. And for me, that’s not the point of wine. Most of the wines I recommend are well under £10. But I won’t go under £5 unless I honestly think it’s a saving, not a waste.

This week’s wines are both under £5 and I picked them as my wines on last weekend’s Saturday Kitchen Live. If you love a bargain/see them on shelf, stock up.

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  1. Lawrence Mayne

    On my second batch of limoncello test the first batch needless to say it was gorgeous and drank so quickly with ice. Now doing a five litre jar to bottle up as pressies well done. Quick question how long can I leave without bottling up?

    Cheers Lawrence

    • Haha love that! You can leave it for as long as you like but you just don’t want it to start tasting bitter so just keep testing it (great excuse)!

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