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Happy New Year to you! A bit late but I had a busy start to the year hanging out (literally) in my swimwear doing a wine tasting in a hot tub halfway up a Swiss mountain ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. I know, I can’t believe it either but if you missed it and want to see what on earth I’m on about click here. Or check out my Instagram page (and just so you know, those hot tub jets were spouting ice cold water hence the shrieking). In other news, my Celebrity Mastermind episode is due to air in a few weeks’ time. My specialist subject is Jackie Collins (natch) and all I can say is you might not want me on your team in Trivial Pursuit. Unless all the questions are pink in which case I’m your woman.

I’ve had lots of messages asking about dry drinks for January and there are plenty of low/no alcohol beers and even a few properly good ‘spirits’ around now, along with some great options from producers like LA Brewery (as long as you like kombucha) and my beloved Mother Root, a gorgeous ginger switchel. But when it comes to wine, I still struggle. Most taste like grape juice and the better ones often cost more than I would spend on a bottle of actual wine anyway.

So for now I’m sticking to wine. In moderation, of course. Talking of which, I’m doing a WineTime Live with my friend and partner in wine Kat Farmer in London next week in collaboration with New York-based apothecary Malin & Goetz. You can find details here. Join us if you can! Either way I’ve got a banger to share with you this week. Dry, of course.

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  1. Mike Armitage

    It would be great if M&S had a regular delivery ‘round’ where they would deliver locally for free.

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