Goodness me it’s been a while. I’ve missed you! And I’ve missed writing this blog but to be honest things have changed a little. When I first started I was working part time and had three small children. Now I work full time and have three (enormous) teenagers. In that time I’ve written seven books (with another on the way) and much as I would love to have kept up with my weekly wine posts here, stuff got in the way. When I say stuff, I mean work/life. You know, that thing you do between coffee and wine. Anyway, this is me saying that I will keep this blog going for as long as you find it useful and will post every now and again. There are literally hundreds of wine reviews on here and even though the vintages will have moved on, there’s still plenty of (hopefully) useful information. For more up to date wine reviews, do follow me on Instagram or Facebook, where the fun never stops. Thank you, as ever, for being here.

KM x

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