vb. pootle

to move leisurely, with or without purpose

Now, no great shakes but I’m usually in a hurry. Whether it is shouting getting the children into the car for the school run, racing to get a train on my work days or tearing round the supermarket at break-neck speed, the big Countdown clock looms. In my head, anyway. But last weekend, we walked to the pub before lunch, and I had to pootle. Partly owing to the fact that Youngest Girl only pootles and partly because that pesky sacroiliac joint is playing up, but whatever, I found myself pootling. And it was lovely. There’s no real finish to this story. It is without purpose. Still pootling, obviously.

Current white in the fridge: Caixas Albariño 2011, £6.99 if you buy 2 bottles, Majestic
This is a properly super white, made by Martín Códax in the Rías Baixas (sound that one out) region in northwest Spain. Made from the Albariño grape, this is peachy – as in fruit as well as that being an adjective – with fresh, lemony flavours too. I had a glass of this as I pootled about the kitchen earlier, before finishing off the leftover smoked mackerel pate with a pile of pitta bread. A cheery Tuesday supper for one indeed. 

Current red in the rack: Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir 2011, £7.99, Tesco
This really is one of the most delicious Pinot Noir wines I’ve tasted from Chile – in fact, at this price from pretty much anywhere – for ages. It is typically light in colour, with kind of spicy strawberry fruit. Like putting actual black pepper on actual strawberries (like Nigel Slater told me to once, and it was delicious). Anyway, it is a great way to do Pinot without it costing too much. And I like to think the Bicicleta-thing stays with pootling theme. Needs food, but not huge flavours. Roasted salmon fillets, say. Or smoky bacon crisps.  

Chin chin x

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  1. The Chilean Pinot Noir with smoky bacon crisps – now you're talking! Pork scratchings would probably be good too, or some trendy flavoured popcorn. Early evening bliss!

  2. Greetings Helen, I tried this Cono Sur Pinot at the recommendation of the barman in All Bar One on Northcote the other day and was converted, not to mention surprised that they had such good taste. Since then I've been trying to track it down at a retailer and was surprised to find it had turned up in ASDA at 5 quid a bottle. Just today, I stopped in on the way home to fill one's boots and am pleased to note that no less than the Chairman, or was it President (?), of the Exeter University Wine Society is also a fan. Hope all well.

    • Hello gorgeous! So glad you like it…and found it cheaper than wot I could. You were always better at economics than me. Or was that PJ? No matter, please tell us when you are next down this way. We might not have the crowd that ABO has but the drinks are free x (ps – I was Secretary, with Prawn)!

  3. Hopefully I'll be able to pootle over to my brothers local Majestic, in a couple of weeks time, and get some of that there Albariño for myself. And I'll pass on the Pinot noir, but pootle over to Tesco anayway for the smoky bacon crisps…God, I miss English crisps!

  4. I just find Pinot noir a little earthy for my tastes, won't touch a Napa Pinot (best made into sparkling wine IMHO), but some parts of Sonoma do an OK job.
    Love the way Brett sometimes smells like smoky bacon crisps…

  5. Sorry to hear it is a bit stressful, hope it gets better soon. OK, I had to google pootling. I've lived in the UK over 20 years, and just discovered this phrase. I am going to use it several times this week. Also am emailing you about the Henley Literary Festival!

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