There was an interview on the radio yesterday morning, a short 4-minute piece about a nail bar in Dollis Valley, north London. The weekly pop-up is a project involving young, talented girls and women, supported by charity Art Against Knives. Katy Dawe, one of the organisers, spoke about how projects like this give girls – some caught up in gang culture – a safe space with support that might just make things better.

My little brother Tim died 12 years ago today as a result of knife crime. Something like Dollis Dolls Nail Bar proves that good things happen, no matter how much bad has been before. For more information on Art Against Knives, click here.

Back with wine next week.

KM x

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  1. Didn't know about your brother. You usually make me laugh. Today, well, a different feeling. Bless you both.

    Tyrone: @winesonlyadrink

  2. So not a day to celebrate for your poor family – how grim an anniversary, still I hope you toast him with a delicious glass of something tonight. My condolences to you all x

  3. I am so sorry to see that about your brother. Much love. Good cause x

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