Look! It’s the new cover for the KMWC paperback, out next month. I’m rather hoping you’ve bought a copy by now *looks you all in the eye* but if you need a present for a friend for under a tenner? Voila. Also, I’m back on The Alan Titchmarsh Show every Friday from tomorrow and, it being the show before Burns Night, I jig onto stage wearing a kilt. Seriously. This week, I get to sip cherry brandy with Lorraine Pascale whilst scoffing her homemade white chocolate & cherry torte. Along with Sister Monica Joan from Call the Midwife. Like a parallel universe, I tell you. 
Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Pecorino 2012, £7.99, Tesco
Now, as much as I love Italian whites, some of them can be just a bit samey. Not so this one, made from the Pecorino grape in the Abruzzo region in central Italy. It’s all waxy lemon, apples and pears and is the most Spring-like of wines (I’m looking ahead, obviously). Now, I have just checked this online and it is showing as out of stock but there’s some in the shops and more on the way. I swear I didn’t drink it all. I had a glass before my zen-like bowl of miso soup. My body’s (almost) a temple. 

Current red in the rack: Heredad del Rey Reservada, £7.49 on offer, Waitrose
Like Rioja, this is from Spain and like (most) Rioja it has been aged in oak but we’re talking a different grape and region here. Monastrell and Syrah (grapes) and Yecla (region) to be precise, in southeast Spain. It’s a big softie with black cherry and spice. The Monastrell grape is also known as Mourvedre and tends to produce fairly tannic wines. Easily tamed by drinking it whilst chowing down on a big plate of sausages and mash. 

Peace out, winos x
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  1. Love Love Love it! Well done you, clever thing. Come to Singapore and guide me through the maze of crappy Australian wines? xxx

  2. Fantastic. Not surprisingly so – blog is and always has been brilliant 🙂 xx

  3. Fabulous, well done. I'm going to order my copy as soon as I can…

  4. My goodness. Can we say we knew you when…..
    Well done. Wish I could watch the show from USA.

  5. After waiting and hoping ( and not receiiving) for an xmas present from disorganised husband – I went online and bought your lovely hardback and the World Atlas of Wine FOR MYSELF! Am loving reading both although the Atlas is rather heavy to hold up in bed at night esp after a glass of red! Well done and paperback design is fab!

  6. I love the new look and very well done on the AT show – they're lucky to have you x

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