In the song, it’s a dirty story of a dirty man. And it took him years to write. Mine took six months of Saturdays and it’s all about wine. Much more useful, IMHO. Described as ‘useful, interesting and very funny’ by Victoria Moore (I especially like funny). And India Knight said it doesn’t just simplify wine, it simplifies life. The paperback is out tomorrow and to celebrate, my publisher has kindly given me a few copies to give away. If you already have the hardback and you win, give this to a friend and know you are spreading the good wine gospel. I promise not to tell them it was a freebie. On a serious note, thank you to those who have bought the book over the last year. In that time, I’ve been given a wine column in a newspaper, a regular slot on telly and have done talks and tastings all over the place. This year, I’ll be doing my first ever festival wine tasting, at Camp Bestival. All because there are enough of you that want to know a bit more about wine. That makes me really, really happy. 
To enter the KMWC Great Paperback Giveaway, simply leave a comment below or on the facebook page and, as usual, we’ll pick names out of a hat. 
Current white in the fridge: Morrisons Signature Chenin Blanc 2013, £7.99, Morrisons
This is from the Morrisons (the urge to put an apostrophe in there is overwhelming but they don’t use one) smartest own label range, called their Signature range. When done on the cheap, Chenin – which calls the Loire Valley home – can be decidedly un-cheerful. This one’s a happy Chenin, maybe because it gets to bask in South African sunshine. With lots of ripe apple and pear fruit flavours, it’s a fridge-door banker. Perked up my slutty supper of crab mayonnaise on toast no end. 
Current red in the rack: Perricone 2012, £7.99, M&S
OK, it was the label that drew me to it at first (a lovely teal, would look great in cashmere) but the wine inside is a juicy gem. Made from the little-known Perricone grape, on the island of Sicily, this is so vibrant. Cherries, spice, even blueberries (one for you, English Mum). Anyway, it’s choc-full with flavour but without being so overwhelming that you have to sip it lying down. Perfect Spring wine and especially good with a bowl of ragu smothered in grated cheese. 

Peace out, winos x
1.  Competition closes on 3rd March at 11.59pm
2. The prize draw is open to any UK resident over the age of 18.
3. My mother will pick two names at random and her decision is final (it’s her hat). 
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  1. Hi Helen,
    New cover on paperback looks great, lots of friends I know would appreciate a read and a chuckle. Might check the Chenin out.
    Good luck with the sales of the paperback !
    Best wishes

  2. Helen, you will love festival life. As a festival go-er with teenagers, its a good place to enjoy yourself and let the kids do their thing. This is my first year in ages that we are not going to do a festival as a family. I am feeling mildly redundant.

    Good luck with the paperback sales. Love your piece on AT show. Clever you.
    Elinor x

  3. I might actually be able to match the Perricone in cashmere, no really 😉 xx

  4. Congratulations Helen, love the cover! Enjoy Camp Bestival xx

  5. Ooh ooh, fingers crossed 🙂

  6. Haha thanks for the mention! I might have to buy it in paperback too – just to see my quote in print again xx

  7. Meeeeeeee! Because after all this godforsaken bloody marathon training, I will NEED all the wine I can get my hands on.

    LCM x

  8. one can never have too many copies of your book I find!! :0)

  9. Love this giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  10. Love your blog. Love your wine recs. Would love the book. (and I'm called Helen…!)

  11. I've just moved to California, but I love reading your blog; it makes me miss the wine sections in Waitrose and M&S all the more. Your book would be a great aid for wine buying in general over here… so please let the hat choose me. Plus postage is not an issue as my Mum is coming over at the end of March and would make a fine delivery pigeon!

  12. Having just wrestled the last glass of Privada from my husband's clutches, I feel I owe it to him to find out a wee bit more about wine in general. This is why I enjoy reading your blog so much as it makes wine very accessible and strips away the snobbery and mystique.

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