Blue Sky Thinking

Me & my sister at Camp Bestival.

It might be pissing down with rain now but here’s proof that we did have blue skies this summer. Gone in a flash, though. Well, it might have seemed ENDLESS sometime in the middle but we’re now less than a week away before they go back to school. And Eldest Boy is off to a new (secondary) school; Middle Boy and Youngest Girl go into Years Three and Two respectively at theirs. We’re off to do the obligatory school shoe shop tomorrow morning (if only I had that excuse to spend that much money on a pair of shoes because they are a necessity), followed by one last weekend of late nights and lie-ins. There might be a back to school feeling in the air but happily, we’re sun-kissed. Albeit briefly.

Chin chin x

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  1. Hi Helen
    I've tried the Bortoli, as you say full of jammy fruits but for me a little thin, I enjoy my Pinot's with a little more earthiness, drink slightly chilled.

    * Are you attending the Tesco Wine Fair this year, real shame about the Wine Community shutting down Friday 28th

    All the best
    Dave (spikedc, for just another day)

  2. School-shoe shopping for us today, too. Sigh. I'll try some of the Bortoli as a reward. Sounds just my cup of tea/glass of wine. XX

  3. Oh good luck, you'll need wine for that school shoe shop. I'm trying to put it off until half term as I went in late August last year and it was mayhem. Even if it means them limping around!

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