Drink Up

By George, wine duty is on the rise again. Delivering his latest Budget, the Chancellor froze duty on beer and spirits. But not wine, which will rise in line with inflation. We already pay £2.05 in tax on every bottle of wine we buy, and that’s before VAT. It’s enough to make you want to…well, you know. So this week, given that it’ll be a thing of the past before we know it, my recommendations include a red wine for less than £5. There’s also a sparkling wine from New Zealand for less than £10 if you buy two. Now that’s what I call an investment buy.

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  1. Oh those both sound like something I need to sort out for our Easter break – my poor credit card!

  2. Can I go to your friend’s house, too?! Not sure the MIL will entertain such frivolity 😉

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