Wonder Woman

I posted this picture of Wonder Woman on Instagram to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day. I’m the one in the red t-shirt and blue dungarees. I was six years old, on holiday in Florida. And as you can see, I was in complete awe of Wonder Woman’s fabulousness. I loved that she could fly, had a lasso of truth and rocked a tiara with special powers, not to mention that amazing leotard/boots combo. I look at this picture and like to believe that, in my head, I was thinking ‘anything is possible’. I was probably also wondering if we’d be getting an ice cream once Wonder Woman had, you know, wandered off. But I’m going with ‘anything is possible’. Except possibly in dungarees rather than a leotard.

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  1. Emma Jones

    So love this post – I too am a fan of Wonder Woman – even have it has my ringtone!

  2. Claire Miller

    At the age of 5 I had a Wonder Woman dressing up outfit complete with lasso of truth. Loved it! Even wore it to school on non uniform day. I suspect my hubby rather wishes I had one now!

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