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Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m a little late but we came crashing into 2018 with lost luggage, sick bugs and sizeable hangovers. Anyway, I’ve included a 0% wine and beer in the reviews below this week just in case you need a change from drinking tonic with a dash of bitters (and assuming you’ve already got a copy of Teetotal Tipples *raises one eyebrow*). I’m sticking to my usual: three dry days a week with something really good in my glass in between.

As ever, if there’s anything else you want from the KMWC – some new videos? More pre-mixed cases of wine? – let me know and it shall be so. There’s a book coming out later this year (cocktails!), another one in the pipeline and some exciting plans for the shop. More on that asap. In the meantime, here’s to really good things.

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Current Sparkling in the fridge: The Bees Knees Sparkling 0%

Price: £3.49 - Buy From Ocado

OK, so this is fermented grape juice rather than proper wine but taste-wise, it’s a pretty good alternative if you’re don’t want the buzz of alcohol. It’s blended with green tea, adding a bit of tannin and taste. Fresh, fruity, gently sparkling and beautifully packaged, it’s one of the best 0% grown up soft options around at the moment.

Current beer in the fridge: Innis & None

Price: £1.00 - Buy From Innis & Gunn

I first tasted this last year when it was stocked in Tesco. I can’t find it on the shelves there anymore but you can buy it direct from the brewer, Innis & Gunn. As 0% lagers go, this is brilliant. It’s brewed but not fermented, meaning you get the lovely hoppy flavours you expect rather than it being stripped of flavour. And it’s got added ginseng and vitamin C, for extra smugness.

Current red in the rack: Tesco Finest Barossa Shiraz

Price: £10.00 - Buy From Tesco

This is not a subtle wine, but then I don’t always want subtle. Sometimes I want lots of flavour wrapped in alcohol with a cherry on top. In this case, black cherry with a sprinkling of spice to boot. From one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, the Barossa Valley, this is a bit of a beast. But it’s a beauty, too.

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